File Storage


Internet File Storage  v.

IFS is internet file storage system.It can store and work with files of any type (music, video, pictures), manage access rights to system files and folders Automatic file resuming, file and folder caching, automatic data upload, simple and easy

SharedSafe  v.0.6.2336

SharedSafe turns Email accounts into online file storage. Share and synchronize any number of local folders across multiple computers. SharedSafe uses an encrypted file system to store your files in Email accounts.


Project management software: Comindwork

Comindwork is online project management software that includes: * Tasks management, ticketing and bug tracking subsystems * Flexible dashboard, customizable environment * Communication and knowledge sharing tools * File storage posibilities, transparent

Echo 2009

Echo - An Email-based approach to file storage and sharing, which helps you to Access your files: - Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace. 1. Free C It wont cost you a cent ever. 2. Super Fast C Echo will compress highly your files and split it as multiple

VisualOffice  v.4 2

VisualOffice is a web-based e-mail and collaboration suite for Windows and Unix servers that includes WebMail, Calendar, Tasks, Journal, Notes, Bookmarks, File Storage and Instant Messaging. VisualOffice provides powerful SPAM filtering tools,

Taceo  v.1 8

Essential Taceo is an e-mail and document security software solution that provides easy-to-use content protection and access control over outbound messaging and file storage. Taceo is a fraction of the cost of most enterprise solutions,

MFDiffGUI  v.1.0

Having a local file storage/archive which is updated often? Need a software to create difference lists? This software may help.

Multimedia Library Manager  v.

Turn your PC into an Electronic file storage by Mmlib. Multimedia Library Manager (Mmlib) is an electronic filing program for Windows. Images and documents can be imported from image scanner, digital camera/video, or PC's clipboard.

Cloud Drive  v.1.0.2

Drag & drop your files into Google Doc. The Cloud Drive sidebar gadget will allow you to drag & drop your files into Google Doc.Basic 1. Drag and drop your files into Google Doc for online file storage. 2. Secure HTTPS connections to Google 3.

Files  v.

Files is a complete file storage solution allowing you to download files either directly from a website or from your dropbox account and upload them back to dropbox. Basic formats can be viewed like text, video, audio and images,

Dashboard Gauges Widgets  v.1.01

Dashboard Gauges are automobile-style gauges that display the status of your computer: Tachometer: CPU Usage Fuel Gauge: Battery Status Temperature Gauge: Computerls Temperature Speedometer: Free RAM & Uptime.

IPhoneDrive  v.1.0

iPhoneDrive is a Mac OS X application which lets you use your iPhone for file storage.

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